Which books are best for EAMCET BIPC 2024?

books are best for EAMCET BIPC
books are best for EAMCET BIPC

Which books are best for EAMCET BIPC 2024? EAMCET BIPC (Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Common Entrance Test for BiPC stream) is a highly competitive entrance examination in India. It is conducted for students seeking admission into undergraduate programs in the fields of Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, and other related courses.

Like in other states, there is a CUET (Common University Entrance Test) to take admission in any graduation or post-graduation. Exactly like EAMCET is a BIPC test. After giving this entrance exam, you will be able to take admission in Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Agriculture, etc. at the graduate level.

Which books are best for EAMCET BIPC 2024?

As we told you in the previous article of our blog Best Books for You, we told you, which are the Best inspirational books for teenage girls. Similarly, today in this article, we are going to tell you which books are best for EAMCET BIPC 2024, so friends, let’s start the article.

But before starting the article, let us tell you that EAMCET BIPC is such an entrance exam that is considered very tough. Therefore, if you are preparing for it, then it is very important to have its best books with you.

We have also given the best books below and along with this, some other questions related to this have also been told, whose answers you will find in our article. We have given some of these questions below.

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EAMCET BIPC is an Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Common Entrance Test for the BIPC stream. It is an entrance examination conducted by various states in India, including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and some other states, for admission in graduate courses related to Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Agriculture, etc.

The way the NEET exam is done in all the states across India. Similarly, EAMCET BIPC is not held in every state of India but it is held in some states. This is such an exam that is necessary for any engineering, agriculture, and medical student to take admission in any graduate course. That’s why this exam is very important.

The competition level of this exam is very high. That’s why a lot of hard work has to be done to prepare for it.

Which states conduct the EAMCET BIPC exam?

The EAMCET BIPC exam currently holds its primary administration under the auspices of the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education, serving the educational institutions within Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, the Telangana State Council of Higher Education oversees the conduct of the EAMCET BIPC exam for candidates aspiring to secure admission in colleges and universities within Telangana.

It’s worth noting that this information remains accurate up until May 13, 2024. However, as time progresses, other states might also gear up to embrace this examination. In the foreseeable future, besides the existing two states, the prospect of additional states conducting these examinations becomes plausible. Yet, as of now, the spotlight remains on the two aforementioned states.

Dear friends, the EAMCET BIPC exam carries a weight of significance. Successfully navigating through this examination opens doors for students to pursue their higher education journey. The exam’s role in determining eligibility for undergraduate admissions underscores its paramount importance in the academic sphere.

What are the minimum qualifying marks for EAMCET BIPC?

The minimum qualifying marks for EAMCET BIPC vary from year to year and depend on factors such as the difficulty level of the exam and the number of applicants. But normally if the record of all the years is seen then the minimum qualifying marks of EAMCET BIPC should be more than 40% for the General and OBC categories. Only then he will be eligible for this exam.

Apart from this, if the candidate is from the OBC, SC, or ST category, then he does not have any minimum qualifying marks requirement. That’s why it is very easy to take this exam. But its competition level is very high.

In the coming few paragraphs, we will also tell you about the EAMCET Cut-Off Marks 2024. You can see this by going to the below paragraph.

How to prepare for EAMCET BIPC 2024?

How to prepare for EAMCET BIPC
How to prepare for EAMCET BIPC

To prepare effectively for EAMCET BIPC 2024, you need a well-structured study plan and the right study resources. Below we have given you some tips for EAMCET BIPC 2024 preparation. If you follow these steps then your EAMCET BIPC 2024 preparation will be very good.

Step 1Understand the SyllabusFirst of all, you have to understand EAMCET BIPC Syllabus 2024 very well. After that preparation has to start.
Step 2Create a Study ScheduleYou need to prepare a study schedule to crack the EAMCET BIPC 2024 exam. You should know clearly from what time to what time you have to study and at what time you have to do the rest of the work.
Step 3Get Best BooksYou must get Best Books for EAMCET BIPC 2024. So that your preparation can be good.
Step 4Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers.You have to solve them by taking the EAMCET BIPC 2024 Previous Year Question Paper. So that you get the practice of the exam held in previous years.
Step 5Take Self Tests.After all the above-mentioned preparations, you have to take your self-test in which you will know how much you have prepared.

The above-mentioned 5 steps are the steps that will help you a lot in preparing for EAMCET BIPC 2024. If you follow the above five steps, then your exam will become very easy and you will be aware of all the types of questions that will come in this exam.

How to Choose the Right Books for EAMCET BIPC 2024?

Choosing the right books for EAMCET BIPC 2024 is crucial as it forms the foundation of your preparation. Here are some tips to help you select the best books:

  • Check the Recommended Books: Refer to the official EAMCET BIPC notification or brochure to see if there are any specific books recommended by the exam conducting authorities. These books are often chosen because they align closely with the exam syllabus and provide comprehensive coverage of the topics.
  • Seek Guidance from Experts: Consult with subject matter experts, teachers, or seniors who have successfully cracked the EAMCET BIPC exam in previous years. They can provide valuable insights into best books and study materials to refer to for each subject.
  • Review Content and Coverage: Look for books that have clear and concise explanations of concepts, comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, and ample practice questions. Pay attention to the organization and structure of the book to ensure it is easy to navigate and understand.
  • Reputation and Author’s Expertise: Consider books authored by renowned subject experts or trusted publishers known for quality study materials. Books from reputed authors or publishers often have reliable and well-researched content.
  • Positive Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and recommendations from other aspirants or students who have used the books you considering. Positive feedback and recommendations can help you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Books for EAMCET BIPC 2024 Preparation:

By the way, there are many books that all best for the EAMCET BIPC 2024 exam. But the Top Ten Books for EAMCET BIPC 2024 are as follows…

All the above-mentioned books are such which are best-selling books all over India. Because all types of study material for EAMCET BIPC 2024 are available inside these books. You are from any subject or from any stream. You will find all kinds of books here.

In these books you get EAMCET BIPC 2024 Previous Year Question Papers and EAMCET BIPC 2024 Mock Test etc. Seeing all the books from the above books, whichever book is suitable for you, buy that book and prepare from it.

Book of Previous Years’ Question Papers and Practice Tests for EAMCET BIPC 2024:

Best books for EAMCET preparation 2024 BIPC. The above-mentioned books are such that you get all the things like study material, previous year question papers, mock tests, etc. But when it comes to Best Book for Previous Year Question Paper and Practice Test for EAMCET BIPC 2024, then let us tell you that the best books for EAMCET BIPC 2024 Previous Year Question Paper and Practice Test are Andhra Pradesh EAMCET Engineering and EAMCET Physics Andhra and Telangana.

Both these books are books in which you get question papers of previous years of 25-25 years and at least 5 types of mock tests. Although these books were launched in 2020 and 2021 you must know that the previous year’s question papers remain the same every year. That’s why I recommend that you can buy any of these two books.

With this, your previous year’s question paper will be well practiced. Along with this, you also get mock tests in it. Both these books are such books that will be available to most of the students. EAMCET BIPC is one such exam. The more preparation is done, the less it is. So if you are preparing then buy good books then it will be better for you.

By solving previous years’ question papers and taking mock tests, you will become familiar with the exam pattern, improve time management skills, and gain confidence in tackling different types of questions.

How to Get a Good Rank in EAMCET BIPC 2024?

How to Get a Good Rank in EAMCET BIPC
How to Get a Good Rank in EAMCET BIPC

Securing a good rank in EAMCET BIPC 2024 requires a strategic approach and dedicated preparation. Here are some tips to enhance your chances of achieving a good rank:

  1. Develop a Strong Foundation: Focus on building a strong foundation of concepts in all subjects, including Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology. Understand fundamental principles and theories thoroughly.
  2. Follow a Structured Study Plan: Create a well-organized study plan that covers all subjects and topics systematically. Allocate time for each subject based on weightage and difficulty level of topics.
  3. Time Management: Practice effective time management during your preparation and while attempting the actual exam. Solve questions within given time limits and work on improving your speed and accuracy.
  4. Regular Revision: Dedicate time to regular revision to reinforce your understanding of concepts. Create concise notes or flashcards for quick revision before the exam.
  5. Solve Practice Questions: Regularly solve practice questions and sample papers to gauge your understanding and identify areas that need improvement. Focus on both conceptual questions and numerical problem-solving.
  6. Mock Tests: Take full-length mock tests to simulate real exam environment. Analyze your performance, identify weak areas, and work on improving them. Practice time management strategies during mock tests.
  7. Stay Updated with Current Affairs: Keep yourself updated with the latest developments and news in the fields of science, agriculture, and biotechnology. Stay informed about recent advancements and discoveries.

If you want to get a good rank in EAMCET BIPC 2024, then you have to follow the above mentioned 7 points. Because these 7 points are such that if you prepare for any exam, then you can get a good rank in that exam. Because before giving any exam it is necessary to research and prepare for it.

That’s why we have given the above seven points through which you can get a good rank in EAMCET BIPC 2024.


Finally, we have given the Best Books for EAMCET BIPC 2024, Previous Year’s Question Papers, Mock Tests, and other subjects that will appear in this exam. You will know that to get good marks in any exam, you need its best books, but along with this, you must have the previous year’s question paper and mock tests,s, etc.

Because when your preparation is done, you can check your preparation by taking a self-test. Whether your preparation is done well or not. If there is any deficiency in your preparation, then you can improve it. So friends, read the above article completely so that you can understand everything.

Because we have written this article with great effort for you. Apart from this, if you have any questions regarding EAMCET BIPC 2024, do tell us in our comment box.

The exact dates for the application process of EAMCET BIPC 2023 have not been announced yet. It is advisable to regularly check the official website for updates regarding the application process.

EAMCET BIPC 2023 consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The exam is divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). The total duration of the exam is usually 3 hours.

No, the use of calculators or any electronic devices is generally not allowed during the EAMCET BIPC 2023 exam. Candidates are advised to rely on their mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities without the use of calculators.

The admit card for EAMCET BIPC 2023 will be made available on the official website. Candidates can download it by entering their registration number and other required details as per the instructions provided on the website.

As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no negative marking in the EAMCET BIPC exam. Candidates are encouraged to attempt all questions to maximize their scores.

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