Best MCQ book for NEET Biology: Best for 2024

Best MCQ book for NEET Biology
Best MCQ book for NEET Biology

Are you gearing up for NEET 2024, the gateway to your dream medical career? If you’re wondering about the importance of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) books in this exam, you’re in the right place. As NEET evolves, MCQs have become the cornerstone of its assessment structure, making MCQ books a vital tool for your preparation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the Best MCQ book for NEET biology, explore their significance, and unveil the best options to propel you toward success.

Best MCQ book for NEET Biology.

Both PYQ books and MCQ books are important in the NEET exam 2024. We have discussed both types of books in detail in our blog Best Books for You. In our previous article, we told you which books are the best P Y Q Books for NEET Preparation 2024. Similarly, in this article, we will tell you which books are the best MCQ Books for NEET Preparation 2024. So let’s start the article.

Before starting the article, let us tell you that the NEET exam 2024 will be conducted soon. We have discussed in detail below all the books that will be used for Biology MCQs in this exam and have answered many more questions related to it. Some of which we have given below.

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Is NEET 2024 Based on MCQs?

Yes, NEET 2024 is based on multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The exam consists of a total of 200 MCQs covering the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The Biology section is further divided into Zoology and Botany. Out of the 200 questions, candidates are required to attempt 180 questions. This format allows for a comprehensive assessment of the candidates’ knowledge in these crucial subjects.

NEET 2024 is scheduled to be conducted on May 5, 2024. Aspirants should prepare thoroughly for the MCQ-based format, focusing on conceptual clarity and problem-solving skills to excel in this highly competitive medical entrance examination.

What is an MCQ Book?

MCQ books serve as structured study companions with the aim of enriching your grasp and proficiency in crucial subjects. Within these books, you encounter an abundance of multiple-choice questions, each intricately designed to assess not only your factual understanding but also your capacity for critical analysis and adept problem-solving. These questions span a wide range of difficulty, accommodating learners at various stages, whether they are building their foundational knowledge or advancing to more complex levels.

Importance of MCQ Books in NEET.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) books play a significant role in preparing for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) and other medical entrance exams. Here’s why they are important:

  • Content Review: MCQ books cover a wide range of topics that are part of the NEET syllabus. Using these books helps you review and revise the essential concepts required for the exam.
  • Question Familiarity: NEET primarily consists of MCQs. Practicing with MCQ books helps you become familiar with the format, style, and level of questions that you’ll encounter in the actual exam. This familiarity can reduce anxiety and improve your confidence on the test day.
  • Application of Concepts: MCQs often require you to apply your understanding of concepts to solve problems. By practicing with MCQs, you develop the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, which is crucial for NEET.
  • Time Management: NEET is a time-bound exam where you have to answer a large number of questions within a limited time. MCQ books help you practice time management and learn how to allocate your time effectively for each question.
  • Identifying Weak Areas: MCQ books allow you to identify your areas of weakness. When you encounter questions you can’t answer or struggle with, it signals the topics you need to focus on during your preparation.
  • Variety of Questions: A good MCQ book will include questions of varying difficulty levels. This helps you gauge your proficiency and progress. It also ensures that you’re exposed to a wide range of question types that may appear in the exam.
  • Mock Tests: Many MCQ books include mock tests that simulate the actual NEET exam. Practicing these mock tests helps you get accustomed to the pressure and conditions of the real exam, making you more confident and less prone to surprises on the exam day.
  • Self-Assessment: MCQ books often come with answer keys and explanations. This allows you to self-assess your performance after solving a set of questions. You can identify mistakes, understand the correct approach, and learn from your errors.
  • Revision Aid: MCQ books can serve as a handy revision tool as you approach the exam date. You can quickly go through a large number of questions, reinforcing your understanding and memory of key concepts.
  • Adaptive Learning: As you progress, you can choose MCQs that match your current level of preparation. This adaptive approach allows you to gradually increase the difficulty level and challenge yourself appropriately.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right MCQ Book for NEET Biology?

The choice of your MCQ book is a decision that can significantly impact your preparation journey. A well-curated MCQ book mirrors the NEET syllabus, ensuring that you cover all essential topics comprehensively. It facilitates a targeted approach, helping you refine your understanding and memory retention. The right book empowers you to optimize your efforts and build confidence in tackling any question that comes your way.

Best MCQ book for NEET Biology.

As of November 2023, there are several good MCQ books available for NEET Biology preparation. Keep in mind that preferences can vary, and the “best” book depends on your learning style and needs. Here’s a table highlighting some popular options:

Book TitleAuthorFeatures
Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEETMTG Editorial Board– Based on NCERT syllabus<br> – Topic-wise presentation<br> – Includes past years’ questions
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEETM.P. Tyagi– Comprehensive coverage of topics<br> – Wide range of questions<br> – Explanatory answers
Biology MCQs for NEETAnsari Ajay– Over 10,000 MCQs<br> – Topic-wise arrangement<br> – Includes recent NEET pattern questions
40 Days Biology for NEETS. Chakravarty– Short, focused daily practice<br> – Includes diagrams and illustrations<br> – Previous year questions

Best MCQ book for NEET Biology

Remember, while these books are commonly recommended, it’s important to find the one that aligns with your learning preferences and needs. Alongside MCQ books, ensure you’re studying from your standard biology textbooks and reference materials.

Best MCQ book for NEET Biology

Best MCQ Book for NEET Biology Class 11

As of my last update in November 2023, one of the widely recommended MCQ books for NEET Biology for Class 11 is “Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET-AIIMS – Biology” by MTG Editorial Board. This book is known for its comprehensive coverage of the NCERT syllabus and includes a wide range of MCQs designed to help you prepare effectively for NEET and other medical entrance exams.

Are There MCQ Books Available That Cover All NEET Biology Topics?

Yes, indeed. The market boasts MCQ books designed to comprehensively cover every nook and cranny of the NEET Biology syllabus. These books amalgamate MCQs from a wide array of topics, acting as a one-stop solution for your preparation journey. With diligent practice, you can sharpen your understanding and command over the entire syllabus.

Best Biology MCQ Book for NEET and AIIMS.

Here’s a table highlighting some popular and well-regarded MCQ books for NEET and AIIMS Biology preparation:

Book TitleAuthorFeatures
Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET and AIIMSM.P. Tyagi– Comprehensive coverage of topics<br> – Extensive question bank<br> – Explanatory answers
Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET-AIIMS – BiologyMTG Editorial Board– Based on NCERT syllabus<br> – Topic-wise presentation<br> – Includes past years’ questions
40 Days Biology for NEET and AIIMSS. Chakravarty– Short, focused daily practice<br> – Diagrams and illustrations<br> – Previous year questions
Biology MCQs for NEET and AIIMSAnsari Ajay– Over 10,000 MCQs<br> – Topic-wise arrangement<br> – Includes recent pattern questions

These books are popular choices among NEET and AIIMS aspirants for their comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, abundant practice questions, and helpful explanations. Remember that while these are recommended options, it’s important to choose a book that suits your learning style and preferences.

Get the Best MCQ book for NEET Biology

NCERT-based MCQ for NEET Biology Book.

The fundamental foundation of NEET Biology lies in the NCERT syllabus. The “NCERT Exemplar Problems” book serves as a treasure trove of NCERT-based MCQs. Although it may contain a few errors, its comprehensive coverage of concepts makes it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Biomolecules MCQ for NEET Biology

Here are a few multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to Biomolecules for NEET Biology practice:

Question 1: Which of the following biomolecules is known as the “energy currency” of the cell? a) Lipids b) Proteins c) Nucleic acids d) Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Answer: d) Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Question 2: Carbohydrates are classified into monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. Which of the following is a monosaccharide? a) Sucrose b) Lactose c) Glucose d) Starch

Answer: c) Glucose

Question 3: The primary structure of a protein is determined by the sequence of: a) Amino acids b) Fatty acids c) Nucleotides d) Monosaccharides

Answer: a) Amino acids

Question 4: Which biomolecule serves as a long-term energy storage molecule in animals? a) Proteins b) Nucleic acids c) Carbohydrates d) Lipids

Answer: d) Lipids

Question 5: The genetic information in cells is stored in which biomolecule? a) Proteins b) Carbohydrates c) Nucleic acids d) Lipids

Answer: c) Nucleic acids

Online MCQ Test for NEET Biology

Online MCQ tests for NEET Biology are an important part of your preparation strategy. These tests are designed to mimic the actual NEET exam format and provide you with a platform to practice and assess your knowledge and skills. Here’s what you need to know about online MCQ tests for NEET Biology:

1. Practice in Exam-like Conditions: Online MCQ tests simulate the real NEET exam environment, allowing you to experience the time pressure and conditions you’ll face on the actual exam day. This helps reduce exam anxiety and improves your confidence.

2. Wide Range of Questions: Reputable online platforms offer a diverse set of questions covering all topics within the NEET Biology syllabus. This exposure to various question types helps you become well-prepared for any question that might appear on the exam.

3. Instant Feedback: Many online tests provide instant feedback on your performance. This includes a detailed analysis of your answers, explanations for correct and incorrect choices, and your overall score. This feedback is crucial for identifying areas that need improvement.

4. Progress Tracking: Online platforms often track your progress over time. This allows you to see your performance trends, track improvement in specific topics, and adjust your study plan accordingly.

5. Time Management Practice: Online tests help you practice time management skills. You’ll learn how to allocate your time effectively for each question and section, which is essential for completing the NEET exam on time.

6. Customization: Some online platforms allow you to customize your tests based on topics, difficulty levels, or the number of questions. This is helpful for targeted practice on your weaker areas.

7. Full-Length Mock Tests: Full-length mock tests give you a comprehensive exam experience. Taking multiple mock tests helps build endurance and familiarizes you with the length of the actual exam.

8. Adaptation to New Formats: With advancements in technology, online platforms can mimic the new computer-based testing format for NEET. This helps you get accustomed to the digital interface, navigation, and tools.

9. Access to Latest Questions: Reputable online platforms often update their question banks with recent NEET pattern questions, ensuring that you’re practicing with up-to-date content.

10. Flexibility: Online MCQ tests provide the convenience of practicing from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows you to integrate practice sessions into your daily routine.


As you embark on your NEET preparation, the importance of MCQ books cannot be overstated. These resources hold the key to sharpening your understanding, enhancing your problem-solving skills, and navigating the complexity of the exam. From comprehensive NCERT-based books to specialized chapter-wise resources, the market offers a plethora of options to cater to your unique needs.


Yes, there are MCQ books designed specifically for NEET Biology. These books focus on the biology portion of the NEET syllabus and provide practice questions tailored to this subject.

While MCQ books are valuable, it's recommended to use a combination of resources for comprehensive preparation. Incorporate standard textbooks, online resources, mock tests, and conceptual understanding alongside MCQ books.

Look for MCQ books that align with the latest NEET syllabus, have positive reviews, and are recommended by teachers or peers. Books with a wide range of questions and detailed explanations are usually beneficial.

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